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The Commercial Fleet Program

The Fleet Program

If you have two or more vehicles registered to your company, you can apply to enroll your vehicles in the City’s fleet program. The fleet program extends your time to respond to summonses and offers additional safeguards, such as protection from towing for parking judgment debt. The best part is that this is free. Moreover, Citywide will provide you with all of the details and help to enroll your vehicles at no charge. A “Lease Rider”, permission form is required for all leased vehicles to become enrolled. This program does not transfer liability. The lessor and lessee remain equally liable for repayment of the debt.

The Fleet Unit will provide your company with a weekly report of all summonses issued to vehicles registered in the program. In addition, vehicles can be added and deleted, to the program, via an internet program called EZ Fleet.

The Rental Program

Under Section 239 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, a leasing company has the ability to transfer the liability for parking summonses received while operated by lessees. There are several important benefits derived from enrollment in the Rental Program, for the Leasing Company.

Advantages for Leasing Company

Parking ticket debt follows the Registrant.. The Rental Program permanently transfers liability to the Lessee.

Advantage for Lessee

Provides protection from towing due to unpaid/judgment parking tickets.


Administering the program is burdensome and can be costly. This expense may be well worth it for leasing companies to avoid responsibility for parking ticket debt. Liability is transferred via a weekly report sent to the leasing company. The leasing company must research each summons and manually enter the name and address of the lessee operating the vehicle and return the report to PVB within 37 days of receipt. We do not recommend leasing companies allowing the PVB to register vehicles into the program for the duration of the lease to avoid the paperwork. PVB failure to properly register and remove the plates, in a timely manner, may cause disputes for unsettled debt. Generally, when this process is completed, the ticket will be anywhere from two to six months old before your lessee receives notice. Late receipt of notices makes it difficult for the Lessee to provide an affirmative defense for their parking tickets.

The cost charged by New York City Department of Finance is $1.00 per vehicle per month.